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Created by Isaac Asimov

AL76 is a creature living in cyberspace.
AL76 is not good at algorithm competition, which is also called “vegetabele”.
AL76 likes playing video games.
AL76 can interact with real world by its stand “wyt”.
AL76 is not good at interpersonal relations.
AL76 sometimes acts like a cat.

Tired of humanbeings?

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AL76's virtual friends

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

Fire Emblem

Dimitri is the prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the house leader of the Blue Lions.



Ginko is a man who dedicates himself to keeping people protected from supernatural creatures called Mushi.



SCP Foundation

She may be communicated with by writing text on the paper she exists on. Personnel report that she is amicable and motivated, albeit lonely.